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Donna and Harold

Harold & Donna Frizzell returned to their native roots on Cape Breton Island in 2000 after living and working in various locations across Canada and Europe for over 20 years.  After a career in the busy and challenging world of Information Technology Donna discovered a quieter lifestyle of gardening, beekeeping and working with pewter. She spent 6 years working with previous owners Jim & Lorna Tompkins; designing, casting, finishing and mold making.  Piper Pewter Inc. began as a small family-owned company in 1991 and slowly grew to include a successful wholesale business with customers across Canada and the USA and then a retail shop at Indian Brook on the Cabot Trail.  As the new owners of Piper Pewter Inc. (2010), Harold and Donna look forward to working on some new and exciting designs.

Pewter is a wonderful metal with a long history.  Modern pewter contains about 92% tin and added to this are small amounts of antimony, copper or bismuth to give additional strength.  Tin is in fact a precious and expensive metal has been mined and used to make objects both decorative and utilitarian for over 3000 years. It's the 4th most precious metal in common usage after platinum, gold and silver.  Perhaps the most well-known pewter object is the Oscars presented at the annual Academy Awards.

Piper Pewter specializes in lead-free pewter products such as Celtic and Scottish jewellery, kilt pins, letter openers, clan crests, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, candleholders and other gift items.  Each piece is skilfully cast, filed, painted, antiqued, tumbled and finished by hand in our workshop at Indian Brook.

At Piper Pewter you will find a unique collection of pewter jewellery and gifts that reflect the Scottish and Celtic culture of Cape Breton.  Our jewellery designs include Celtic crosses, Celtic knots, flowers, sanddollars, birds, moose, fox, Scottish terriers, bagpipes, fiddles etc. Browse through our clan crests and discover a family name with a Scottish connection.  Some of our Celtic knot designs are traditional while others have been uniquely created.  Local artist Angus MacLeod designs our heritage collection of Celtic Christmas ornaments.  

Choose from a beautiful collection of hand-made pendants, brooches and earrings or select a unique Celtic Christmas ornament as a Cape Breton memory.

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