Teine (Gorse) Gaelic T

Teine (Gorse) Gaelic T
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2 inch high same on both sides

Designed by Angus MacLeod

Handcrafted by Piper Pewter

17th in The Gaelic Tree Alphabet Series

Teine (Gorse) Also known as Furze, is a fast growing member of the Pea family, with sweet smelling bright yellow flowers. Gorse was used by the Celts as fuel. Gorsewood is highly saturated with natural oils, which means the wood burns voraciously, with a fierce flame and at a higher temperature, more comparable to charcoal than with other live woods. Gorse was highly valued during the festival of Beltane, for the intense fire it creates when burnt.  Gorse is a rapacious seeker of sunlight and warmth. When destroyed, either by man or nature, Gorse is quick to sprout new shoots and grow, forever chasing new light. In Celtic Mythology, Gorse was thought to provide protection against misfortune and was associated with resilience, optimism, and with the sun, light, and fire.

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