Luis (Rowan) Gaelic L

Luis (Rowan) Gaelic L
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2 inch high same on both sides

Designed by Angus MacLeod

Handcrafted by Piper Pewter

10th in The Gaelic Tree Alphabet Series

Luis (Rowan) The rowan tree has a long and still popular history in folklore as a tree which protects against witchcraft and enchantment. The physical characteristics of the tree may have contributed to its protective reputation, including the tiny five pointed star or pentagram on each berry opposite its stalk (the pentagram being an ancient protective symbol). The colour red was deemed to be the best protection against enchantment, and so the rowan's vibrant display of berries in autumn may have further contributed to its protective abilities. The tree itself was said to afford protection to the dwelling by which it grew. The rowan's wood is strong and resilient, making excellent walking sticks, and is suitable for carving. Druids used the bark and berries to dye the garments worn during lunar ceremonies, and the bark was also used in the tanning process.

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