Nuin (Ash) Gaelic N

Nuin (Ash) Gaelic N
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2 inch high same on both sides

Designed by Angus MacLeod

Handcrafted by Piper Pewter

14th in The Gaelic Tree Alphabet Series

Nuin (Ash) is prized for its strength and its healing qualities.  The bark, seeds and leaves of the ash are all believed to have medicinal qualities.  They have been used throughout time to strengthen the liver and spleen, cleanse the system and detoxify the body.  The inside of ash bark is a disinfectant and was used for cleansing wounds before the use of modern antiseptics. In Ireland the ash was considered one of the trilogy of sacred trees along with the oak and hawthorn. Irish emigrants to America took pieces of the ash with them as a charm against drowning. Ash was thought to have power over water. Possibly due to it’s strength and ability to grow to great heights (over 130 ft) Celtic mythology refers to the ash tree as The World Tree, a tree that spans between worlds. It is the tree that represents The Tree of Life. 


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