Onn (Gorse) Gaelic O

Onn (Gorse) Gaelic O
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2 inch high same on both sides

Designed by Angus MacLeod

Handcrafted by Piper Pewter

13th in The Gaelic Tree Alphabet Series

Gorse (Onn) is a sweet scented, yellow flowered, spiny shrub.  It is often associated with love and fertility.  A sprig of gorse was traditionally added to a bride’s bouquet and gorse torches were burned around livestock to protect against sterility.  However, gorse flowers should never be given to another as a gift as it is unlucky for both giver and receiver.  Gorse wood was used as a very effective tinder.  It has a high oil content which means that it burns at a similar high temperature to charcoal.  It was one of the sacred woods burned on the Beltane bonfires. It was a shurb associated with the spring equinox and the Celtic God of light, Lugh, doubtlessly because of its ever blooming vibrant flowers.  The flowers have been used to make wine and add colour and flavour to Irish whiskey.  The prickly nature of gorse gave it a protective reputation.

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